Pup is an young adult kadican who lives in Atheria. He has an odd physiological quirk in that he produces a dark brown dye from the prints of his fingers and toes. He also has a very keen nose, especially regarding the dye he produces. It is presumed that the dye is the result of cossary development and the nose an augmented green trait.

Pup lives alone, although sometimes with company, and associates with the other members of Smudge, his posse - Rufus and Pockets. Being the only member with accomodation, his living space tends to be the 'base of operations' the majority of the time.

Although he is an artist of sorts by trade, he makes an addition side of money selling bottles of his dye, along with his nose's services, as 'Tracking Ink'. When applied to an item, Pup is able to track it within the city's limits, presumably due to an effect of the city's crystal's aura-radiation.

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