Augmented Atherians

A unique quality of Atheria is to produce individuals who posess certain attributes linked to the presence of the increased influence aura. These traits range from simple interactions with the aura to extremely complex and powerful abilities comparable to the powers of the crystal deity herself.

The types of power are colour-coded based on the aura shown when using a type of energy scanning device.

Augmented Blue - AB

This is the basic level of augmentation. Individuals are capable of performing lite physical interaction with the influence aura, providing them with a temporary surface to grip or push off from. The time this 'ledge' is available ranges from roughly 1 to 7 seconds, depending on the individual.

Augmented Green - AG

The intermediate level of augmentation. In addition to the abilities available to AB level persons, AG individuals are able to draw mana energy from the aura, providing them with a source for non-aura based techniques. In most cases, AG individuals are also able to trigger their own cossary evolution early on in life, albeit usually accidentally.

Augmented Red - AR

The highest level and thus producing the most dangerous individuals. As well as bearing the traits of the previous levels, ARs are typically able to directly influence the aura and anything connected to it. As such they can, with the required knowledge, tap into any harness-driven machine or user connected to the aura via the network. They also have a slight influence over other augmented individuals, although this can be blocked through the use of appropriate harnesses.

Outlaw Status

Under Atherian law, augmented individuals are classified as a potential threat to the peace and are captured and restrained in isolation when possible.

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