Kadicans are a sentient cossal species that makes up one of the 4 sentient species of AulCeles. Their population spans two nations, TenFurrow on the lower half of the Azrean continent and Atheria, on the first of the crescent island chain.

Kadicans are easily recognised by their cat-like ears and horns typically in males and dog/rabbit-like ears typically in females, as well as their long hair-tuft tipped tails. Their speech is rather coarse and rasp due to emulation of Throan language.

Kadicans are the worlds leaders in technology due to the earlier conception of written records and teaching despite a comparitively recent adaption to spoken communication. Their technology is primarily mechanical in TenFurrow, being driven by the Azrean winds and geothermally produced steam. Atheria's technology is primarily magic driven, using the Atherian crystal as a source of mana.

Atherian Exodus

Roughly 80 solar years ago, a group of seperatists split the TenFurran crystal, effectively creating two seperate crystals and two seperate associated deities, and hid on the unihabitable desert crescent island.

The seperation was driven by a disagreement on the future direction of Kadican technology - a method of configuring the crystal to emit a field of non-damaging energy was developed by the TenFurran technologists' guild only to be disapproved by the city's governing body. After several years of arguing among the nation, a group attacked the keep in which the crystal was protected, broke off roughly one third of it and fled the city. Roughly 80 entire families banded together in this exodus, taking with them enough supplies to being a new settlement.

Due to prior planning, pursuit was not an option - the desert island's sandstorm season had begun almost immediately after the seperatists landed, preventing anyone from passing without appropriate vehicles. Less than a decade later, the memebers of the new settlement had constructed a perimeter wall protecting them from TenFurrow's limited attacks.

Kadican Tribal Deities

Due to the above mentioned events, Kadicans have two associated deities, both of which used to be part of the same deity.

TenFurrow's deity appears as a young male with curled horns, wearing rather elegant robes. He generally does not take an active role in the nation but may appear anonymously to people seeking guidance.

Atheria's deity appears as a young girl with green hair and horns. She takes a more active role in Atheria's society, specifically aiding in the development of technology. She generally takes the role of a junior mechanic in maintaining the crystal's energy field emitters.

Prior to the split, the single deity took the form of a large robed figure of ambiguous gender. It was this deity that aided the TenFurran technologists' guild in the creation of the crystal field emitter, pushed for the seperation of nations and even gave details of how to break the crystal to result in two seperately functioning individual deities. Since the break though, this deity has ceased to exist.

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