Misrif, or sometimes The Misrif, is the Atherian clan deity, a remnant of the Kadican clan deity that was split in two during the Atherian seperation.

Misrif maintains a safe domain within the teritory of the desert sandworms, as well as sometimes interacting directly with Atherian engineers in developing Atheria.

Though technically the clan deities have no gender, Misrif always manifests as a young adult female Kadican with grass-green hair, horns and pointed ears (the latter two typically being male traits).

Aura Projection

Misrif's physical form, a large powerful crystalline structure, is housed in the tallest building in Atheria, and is part of a machine that emits a type of energy over the city. This 'aura' provides several beneficial functions including the ability to pass information to The Netherfield which forms the Atherian communications grid, as well as providing power which can be utilised by Atherian technology.

Misrif's aura has the side-effect of enhancing certain kadicans. These individuals are referred to as Augmented Atherians.

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