Atherian Characters

This is a temporary list of characters with a brief summary of them until I create a proper page for them.

All of these characters, with the exception of Dein, have power bestowed upon them by the Atherian crystal's aura. For more info on this see the page on Atheria.


A young, lop eared boy. Wears a hat with faux pricked ears on it to avoid gender ambiguity. A member of Smudge and a up-and-coming "ink mage".


A young boy with an odd physological quirk. Produces paint from his developed cossary gland. A member of Smudge and very close friend of Rufus.


Founder of Smudge and another quirky one. Capable of producing brown 'ink' from his finger tips, earning him the nickname of 'Mucky Pup' from his mother.


A TenFurran kadican. He is marked as 'wanted' by his country due to his skill in magery. He wears a jacket slightly too big for him that belonged to his father.


A girl capable of creating a region of total silence around her. As Atherian networking technology is based primarily on sound wave, this proves a problem for security systems and the likes. A good friend of Dein and older sister figure of Krissopher.


A young boy with lop ears that limit his field of vision, giving him the nickname 'Blinkers'. Accompanied by a curiosity orb that inhabits a doll that serves as his guardian.


Founder of Swifty and manager of a private delivery company of the same name. She is the older sister of Parka & Pakra and is capable of manipulating specially treated paper.


Delivery boy for Swifty. He is able to adjust his individual gravity to adhere to walls. Wears a stylised crash helmet.


Delivery boy for Swifty. Pakra is able to create temporary openings in walls. He and Parka are twins, Parka being the older by 25 minutes. Both are typically involved in deliveries, utilising both of their abilities to make record delivery times.


A member of a high-class family, signified by her ear's 'broken omega' mark. She is able to communicate with curiosity orbs, as well as transport herself to anywhere that the city's aura covers. She leads a posse of rag-tag mana-hackers and associates with Zero when he's about town.

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