Curiosity orbs

These odd orb-shaped creatures are almost entirely inorganic, as well as immaterial, in structure and work by a more mechanical means that other life on AulCeles.

They are named 'Curiosity orbs' due to their potentially dangerous curious nature. Although they are simple in structure, they are capable of harnessing magical forces to perform tasks, such as acquiring an item they find interesting.

They are normally invisible to the naked eye and cannot interact with normal matter without acquiring a large sum of energy.

It is generally advised to avoid them and even flee upon encountering them, although they most likely intend no harm, their curiosity has caused them to tear limbs from living people in order to see how they work.

Some orbs may become sentient through either mutation or collection of other interacting objects. Some may gain enough organic material, usually through the 'processing' of living creatures, to appear to be alive.

They are attracted to magical energy sources and as such are more commonly found in the energy-saturated Atheria.

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