Vale is a young kadican from Atheria. He is easily recognised by his red hair and by the dark marks under his eyes. He posesses vast amounts of knowledge regarding kadican biology. Originally from the East side of Atheria, he moved away from his parents to enrol in a school on the West side of the city.

Previously the student of a major school of science specialising in biology, he was expelled due to his status as an AB augmented atherian. During his time there he was renowned for his excellence in his field of study despite being so young and is responsible for the majority of recent research.

His last paper was to be a study on augmented atherians. It was due to this that his own status became apparent.


After expulsion and the realisation that he could probably never return home, Vale sought to further his knowledge outside of school. By chance, he found a book on the application of harnesses in biology. Driven partly by loneliness and partly by curiosity, with his extensive knowledge of his species and some custom harnesses, he created a near-duplicate of himself - his new 'brother', Tarkwin.

'Born' with most of Vale's memories, Tarkwin mostly understands his brother's actions, but he also considers himself an abomination. Although he excedes Vale's augmented status, being AG, he lacks a cossary organ in his eyes making him less kadican. Despite this, Vale considers Tarkwin family all the same, loves him as a brother and considers them equal.

Underground Games

Although lacking a third team member, Vale and Tarkwin participate in the underground hunt together.

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