Pokémon Max Condition Project

Note: This is indefinately on hold due to my Ruby cartridge's battery dying. I intend to replace it when a solution to the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire New Battery Glitch is available.

This is a minor project of mine in which I hope to raise a pokémon with the highest condition in all areas. The best result would obviously be a pokémon with 255 in Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart and Tough, but with only 255 Sheen to play with that makes it difficult to achieve.


Each pokémon has 6 stats relating to contests: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, Tough and Sheen. All of these are raised by feeding them pokéblocks with values in those stats, but once Sheen (raised by the Feel value of pokéblocks) hits 255 no more pokéblocks can be given.

Pokéblocks tend to have a higher Feel the higher their individual stats are. So although Spelon Berries will produce level 50 Purple pokeblocks (50 Cool, 12 in another stat), they will have a minimum of 32 Feel, limiting the intake to 8 pokéblocks per pokémon.

Maximum Condition

Currently the maximum that I believe I can achieve is about 90 per stat.

Cool Beauty Cute Smart Tough Feel
Level 23 Blocks (LilyCove, 4 People)
Purple 23 0 0 10 0 21
Indigo 0 23 0 0 10 21
Brown 10 0 23 0 0 21
LiteBlue 0 10 0 23 0 21
Olive 0 0 10 0 23 21
Level 50 Blocks (LilyCove, 4 People)
Purple 50 0 0 12 0 32
Indigo 0 50 0 0 12 32
Brown 12 0 50 0 0 32
LiteBlue 0 12 0 50 0 32
Olive 0 0 12 0 50 32
Total 95 95 95 95 95 265

As you may notice, the total Feel of these blocks is 265, 10 over the limit. Currently, I'm unsure whether this will work, but I'm hoping that if the pokémon's current Sheen is under 255, it will accept any pokéblock regardless of Feel. I shall update this as soon as I know.


One of the things I'm hoping to test is whether two players can produce pokéblocks with two stats in the 50s, without taking the Feel too high. Even if the feel of these blocks were 50, if the pattern were to match the Level 50 blocks above, this would give 100 per stat.

Overall Purpose

Eventually, I'm hoping to apply this method to a Smeargle, thereby giving it the slight edge it needs to win the Contests in Hoenn. The eventual result will be a pokémon with the maximum number of legal Ribbons, the smeargle already bearing the Ribbon from Colluseum for purification. So far this has been hampered by a lack of positive condition, and will be further hampered by the fact that it doesn't like Dry berries/blocks...

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