Known by many other names including vital, the aura or simply as 'energy', mana is an abundant mass of particles that exist within a seperate layer of reality within AulCeles' universe. Through certain gestures or through the use of harnesses, mana may be influenced and coerced into producing various effects, including production of matter, both temporary and permanent.


Mana can also be influenced using arrangements of drawn lines, particularly circles. With the appropriate harness, most effects are possible.

An almost extinct method of harness drawing makes it possible to imprint intent within a harness, allowing very simple harnesses with complicated effects. Currently this art is known by only one boy - a resident of Atheria named Rufus.

Atherian technology also uses a variety of harness drawing methods to achieve its goals. Vital Engines employ a combination of machinery and engraved harnesses to power them, while the newer 'Paper Pack' technology uses a mass of specialised, printed harnesses, pressed together into a book and sealed to prevent tampering. The former is used mostly to power transporation and industrial machinery while the latter, while originally a closely guarded secret, has recently found its way into public entertainment and communication devices through reverse engineering.

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