AulCeles Bestiary

This page will cover the many animals found within the world of AulCeles.

Types of Living Creatures

Due to the lack of certain types of life - insects, fish, etc, environmental niches have been filled by other species - such as insectiform reptiliform cossals filling in where insects would have.

  • Cossals
  • Since early tetrapodal life, cossals have had the upper hand due to the appearance of an organ, known as a cossary, that allows an individual creature to exceed its biological limits and acquire new traits. The traits are generally unique and are not hereditary.

    Since historicers and biologicists have been unable to identify how such an organ could come to exist naturally, it is currently considered an early gift from the divine.

    • Mammaliform cossals
      • Fixed cossary
      • These cossals depend upon their cossary organ performing a set task and as such cannot undergo cossary adaption. Generally these are mostly aquatic cossals that produce oxygen from their cossary organ.

      • Variable cossary
      • Cossals who donot rely on their cossary organ for survival and thus are able to undergo cossary adaption and develop new traits. This clade includes the 4 civilised species.

    • Reptiliform cossals
      • Avian Reptiliform cossals
      • Similar to birds in that they have developed feather-like insulative structures and wings but these have retained graspers on their forelimbs and the elbow is not reversed as in birds. Non-flight feathers have a notably hairier look and feel to bird feathers.

      • Insectiform cossals
      • Small reptiliform cossals that have developed wings.

    • Varisegmental cossals
    • Cossals that have multiple mid-sections, giving them multiple internal organs, limbs and even cossary organs. These come in two very extreme sizes - tiny, ant-size species, and colossal sized species.

  • Pure Reptilians
  • Reptilians that diverged seperately to cossals. Similar to reptiliform cossals but obviously lacking a cossary organ.

    • Caniform Reptilians
    • Wolf-like pack animals

Extinct Creatures

  • Fish-like vertebrates
  • Though fish-like creatures did once exist in the seas of AulCeles, there was a cataclystic event in the past that purged the seas of all life. The living aquatic creatures consist of species that have returned to the seas from the land.

  • Invertebrates
  • There are no living species descended from invertebrates.

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